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the last refuge of the persecuted crack smoker

cheap cheap! fun fun!

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some facts about me, in no particular order:

my name is nicolle. that's pronounced "nee-kull." my name is not nicole, and not pronounced like that spelling. this is a messy distinction...so most people just call me nicky. i decided to go by nicky when i was 10, and it has alleviated a lot of stress.

i live in the city of chicago. it holds a special place in my heart. it's home. no, i didn't grow up here, but this city and i are on the same wavelength. it's a huge city with anything and everything to do...but it's also distinctly midwestern in character, so the people are friendly and generally not concerned with trying to be so cool.

i play with servers for a living. after a handful of life-plan missteps, including one colossal one, i have come to the conclusion that i belong working with computers. so far, i'm happier with this decision than i have been with any of my previous ones, since there's some kind of harmony between what i like to do in my spare time and what i'm getting paid to do.

i sing. choir, karaoke, it really doesn't matter. if it involves standing in front of a bunch of people and carrying a tune with my voice, i probably enjoy it.

i also like making music on electronic things. i like to play around with making music on arduino, as well as on linux computers. such things merge my interests in music and technology...and it's possible to make stuff that sounds cool despite the fact that i completely lack finger dexterity. i am definitely not good at this, and by no means have i found any kind of coherent voice, but i do like to tinker.

i am a huge public transit nerd. the chicago transit authority holds a special place in my heart, and i actually love commuting and travelling on the el and the buses. it's relaxing, and gives me time to fill my head with the routes and the maps.

i like to talk at hacker cons. i've spoken at Defcon 17, Notacon 7, Notacon 8, B-Sides Las Vegas 2009, The Next HOPE, Penguicon 8, Neighborcon Knoxville, Neighborcon NYC, and Neighborcon Chicago.

i am occasionally known to play livejournal reality games. so far i've played in Big Brother Livejournal 9 (10th place), Big Brother Livejournal 12 (9th place), Big Brother Livejournal 13 (10th place), Big Brother Livejournal 15 (5th place), Survivor Livejournal 17 (3rd place), and Sunshine and Rainbows (i won. yay!).

there is no overarching theme of this blog. that's why "the last refuge of the persecuted crack smoker" is such a fitting name for it; you probably have to smoke crack to follow along with what's going on here. it's also a rather fitting name because i, from time to time, mock dumb crackheads in here. however, i don't smoke crack. several of my friends have merely asserted over the years that my body produces it naturally. this hasn't been proven yet, but i wouldn't be surprised.

the inspiration behind my lj username.

my username is based on a song called "faceless wonder of the world" by shades of fiction. you can read the lyrics here. it's sad, like most of the songs i find worth listening to.

i'm also a proud mod of:

badtattoos_6: because some people are stupid, and don't put enough thought into what's going to be on their body for the rest of their life.
burmashavemania: roadside signs/mock scratchy faces/adding lulz/to highway spaces/burmashavemania.
craigslist_wtf: because the webbernets are full of idiots, and laughing at them is lots of fun.
shinythings: because you know you're distracted by the shiny. call me an enabler.

what is this thing?

this livejournal is a copy of my blog on blogger. the content of my blogger, at least since late june of 2005, is exactly the same as the LJ except for the fact that my twitter tweets are integrated differently.

however, if you're curious about my life between july of 2003 and june of 2005, those entries are only on my blogger. read them at your peril; most of those entries are extremely emo, even by internet standards.

the legal jargon:
Creative Commons License
the last refuge of the persecuted crack smoker by nicolle n. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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